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By: Greg's wife Elahe'
When I was an international exchange student at MSU it was an exciting time. There was a lot to love about the State of Michigan- especially a bright, good-natured man named Greg Crockett. Greg has always had a great sense of humor and he understood me in spite of my accent. I appreciated Greg's kindness and the way he accepted my cultural heritage. During the past 29 years, Greg has been a supportive husband and a good father to our children.

Although he wanted to go to law school, Greg agreed to work and take care of the kids so that I could finish my science degree. After I was done, Greg pursued his dream of becoming a lawyer.

Despite the demands of earning high grades and many honors at Cooley, my husband always made time for our family. Greg cooked, played with the kids and finished projects around the house. Greg was often up late at night helping me with my medical science papers and studying law.

Throughout our long marriage, Greg has been a patient man and a good listener. I believe these qualities will also make him a great judge. Through good times and bad, birth and death, Greg has been steady and reliable.

In addition to his independent law practice, Greg has mentored many pre-law students throughout the years. My husband has the wisdom, patience and ethics to be an exemplary judge. I encourage you to vote for him in November!

Greg is the son of Dr. Lois Bader, MSU Professor, founder & Executive Director of the Capital Area Literacy Coalition, where Greg often helps out.

From left to right, Professor Elahe' Crockett, Dr. John Chapman, Sarah Crockett, Dr. Lois Bader, Alex Crockett, and Greg Crockett our next 30th Circuit Court Judge